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Azure is a free website, trusted by thousands of students and teachers, throughout the world.

We are not the biggest, but we care the most. Even though you will visit other websites for similar services, we want you to remember us and tell your friends about us. We put the work to be that awesome for you.


To make every teacher searchable in the world in their local area and online. To keep the website free for teachers and students. To provide students with a teacher within 24 hours of posting their requirement.

Operating Principles

  1. Information should be free – People who can not afford to pay should not be forced to.
  2. Ease of operation – Design user-friendly systems and improve them continuously based on your feedback.
  3. The inclusion of everybody in the world – This means not only metros and big cities but also remote areas in small and developing countries.
  4. Quality of information – Even if we have to sacrifice ease of operation a little bit, the increase in quality takes precedence.
  5. Zero tolerance towards miscreants, spammers, and marketers who care about nothing but their profit.
  6. You first – Students are the future and the teachers are what make them. Everything we do is focussed on how to best serve the interests of students and teachers.

Our commitment to you

Your data is never shared or sold. You will never be spammed.

You can expect continuous improvement in the software, quick action on your feedback, with ever-increasing features and more chances for you to find teachers and teaching jobs

Dear Friend,

I am glad to introduce to you Azure Tutors e-learning platform for Nigeria and Africa. Azure Tutors is an online learning platform which enable learners to take free and premium (paid) courses developed by seasoned subject matter experts across the continent.

Do you have knowledge or subject matter resources that you wish to be converted or deployed as free or paid courses on our platform?

Do you work in a development or civil society organization with special focus to develop human capacity in specific areas of expertise and you need a platform to popularise your training?Are you in a management or human leadership training team in your company and your client are spread across Nigeria and beyond and you are in dire need of a solution to deploy one or more training packages for many in different locations?If your answer is yes to one or more of the questions above, Azure Tutors team is waiting to provide you platform and or Learning Management System solutions that fit your need.Please reach me or [email protected] for more information and about your interest. You may know or work with anyone that may also be interested. Kindly spread the news as we build a knowledge centred Nigeria and Africa together.Warm regards,Joshua Olufemi
Call +234 706 368 5813
Azuretutors is an open courses platform that work with publishers to offer you lifelong learning. Azure Tutors is your digital shore to learning

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