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D2L (Desire2Learn) was founded in 1999 by John Baker. At the time, his engineering class was being challenged to look at the world in new ways by coming up with questions that no one had asked before.

John realized that despite all the change technology was driving in the world, his University campus seemed almost untouched by that momentum. The question he wanted to ask was clear: how could we use technology to dramatically transform learning?

He’s come to believe that one of the most important things we can do to help each other is to ensure that everyone has access to the best possible learning opportunities. Today, D2L is working with customers around the world to help learners at a scale that was hard to imagine in 1999.

About D2L

D2L’s technology is currently being used by customers in K-12higher education, healthcare, government, and the corporate sector. In twenty years, our team has grown to include over 750 employees around the world. We currently have offices in Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia, Brazil, and Singapore.

“When you see all the stories of what we can impact when we work together, you can understand why this is a mission for us—a way for us to contribute to progress and build a brighter future.”
John Baker, President and CEO, D2L

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