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The SAS® Platform

Orchestrate your entire analytics journey – from data to tangible results – with a powerful analytics platform.

To successfully execute your analytics strategy, you need an analytics platform that balances choice and control in a way that’s right for you. Only SAS delivers. By providing the perfect balance of choice and control, our analytics platform enables you to orchestrate your analytics journey to ensure optimal returns on your investments in data, talent and analytic technology.

Why the SAS® Platform?

With the SAS Platform, the Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) and Chief Data Officer (CDO) can:

  • Develop, test and refine processes, strategies and technologies – and change direction if necessary.
  • Accelerate the analytics life cycle by:
    • Streamlining data preparation.
    • Using a wide variety of analytic techniques and programming languages.
    • Scaling, automating and deploying analytics when and where needed.
  • Make the most of diverse analytical talent.
  • Manage data and technology resources.

With the SAS Platform, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) can:

  • Integrate and manage disparate technologies, including open source.
  • Balance data and model governance, security and agility.
  • Build and integrate analytics within the organizational infrastructure.
  • Scale to accommodate changing workloads and technologies.
  • Manage data and model deployment.



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