Afrelib Ebola Education Campaign

Posted on 7th January 2016

With the current Ebola crisis in several countries in West Africa, many of us around the globe have become alarmed and concerned. For families, schools, students and children in the affected countries these are very difficult and painful times.

Our hope is that those affected and the people helping them remain courageous and supported in order to eradicate this outbreak quickly. As efforts intensify at all levels by international health organisations and on the ground by community health workers in providing treatment, supplies and preventive measures, we think that young people and children – perhaps the ones most affected – need to have access to good health education resources to help them better understand both the medical and health aspects of Ebola.

To address this issue, we are working in partnership with Medikidz, ( the world’s first medical information company aimed at children, to produce learning material in an interactive, comic book format.

Please help us to make this happen in 2015 by donating £10, £25 or more.

We need a total of GBP 46,750 ($ 73,050) to write, digitize and distribute this health education comic in App format on iOS and Android and as flash content that can be read in browsers on desk and laptops.

Our target is to reach 100,000 children/students and every £100 received means that at least 60 children/students will have access to the comic in digital format.

All funds raised will go towards the creation, free distribution of the digital comic on Ebola (priority) and to support local health workers in the region.

5% of all funds raised online and from any fundraising events that we organize for this campaign will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

With this health education comic, we hope to provide easy-to-understand and engaging information so that it not only helps in disseminating good preventive measures as recommended by public health organisations but also to help them in dealing with the cultural and social issues surrounding this epidemic.

This comic will be collaboratively written by medically qualified people, scientists and doctors with input from health workers who have experience in the region so that the information is both practical and relevant. The comic will provide information about the risks, countermeasures, medical and biological aspects, clinical trials and other ongoing efforts to stop the spread of the disease.

The objectives of this initiative are to:

  • Commission Medikidz to write and produce a digital comic on Ebola.
  • Disseminate this education medical resource digitally on mobile devices, social media, and in print form.
  • Deploy a cross-platform content distribution strategy across West Africa.
  • Mobilise resources and other organisations to support the initiative to ensure that the comic book gets to as many families as possible.

We would greatly appreciate your help and we welcome your ideas, suggestions and any in-kind support you are able to give.

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