Afrelib Covid-19 Pandemic Campaign

Posted on 12th May 2020

The world continues to be ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting classroom-based learning globally. One of our founding aims at Afrelib is to break down barriers to improved learning and better educational outcomes. Classroom-based learning is only one of many casualties of this pandemic. Many sectors of society are undergoing fundamental change which can only lead to shifts in our paradigm as we have previously known it.

From all indications, it would not seem like hyperbole, to suggest that the world is about to witness change the likes of which have not been realised in the previous hundred years. At a time such as this, when, it would seem, the world is poised to enter into an era of such significant change; massive challenges as well as great opportunities will be ushered in.

Such epic transformational change requires an equally transformational approach to growth and development to meet the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities. Our regular response of flight or fight to change will not suffice this time as ‘flight’ is not a real option in the face of a global pandemic leading to global upheaval.

At Afrelib, we believe the indomitable and persevering human spirit of people will see us through. However, it will require all of us to think differently and, at times, innovate disruptively. The normal trajectory of ‘business as usual’ to maintain the status quo has itself been disrupted massively. Families, communities, industries and nations have been impacted by this pandemic and the consequent fall out is still ahead of us.

Our first response to this challenge and opportunity, is to open up our ACE directory of learning to all. It exemplifies the different thinking we hope will result in transformational and disruptive growth in a time of turmoil. The ACE directory is a collated library of eLearning resources. The directory, intentionally, is not prescriptive and thus allows each learner to discover subject matter, learning provider and self-pacing according to their learning style, environment and priority.

More than ever before, the world needs to tap into the full breadth of it’s wealth of human resources in order to innovate into a new world order. We wish you a fruitful journey of self-discovery as we navigate new paths together in this time of tumultuous change.

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