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It’s one of the best things that has happened to all students. It will help us educationally and it exposes us to a wider range of learning. I would say we are advancing to the 21st century – A King’s Man

The Afrelib Learner Program is designed for secondary schools and supports delivery of a robust national curriculum. This builds on the critical Afrelib Learn@Work program designed to empower the engaged and creative teacher with the necessary resources required to be effective in the classroom. At Afrelib, we believe the teacher remains central to all learning taking place inside (and outside) the classroom.

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The Learner program enables mobile eLearning in schools by implementing a mobile and offline digital library. This includes educational apps, tablets, content servers, solar panels and a comprehensive educational digital resource library for integrated classroom deployment.

The program further ensures that teachers and students communicate and collaborate effectively inside and outside the classroom by setting up a networked environment for integrated eLearning and classroom management between teachers, students and administrators.

This highly interactive classroom allows teachers to keep the whole class engaged as well as focus on the students that need assistance. It also enables a collaborative studying environment where the teacher is able to use the learning resources not only to teach but also share them with the students. This makes the learning richer and remains available to the students during and after the class especially for their homework and revision.

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Students and Parents

Teachers and Educators

Schools and Universities

Examination Bodies

Our Commitment

  • Work with schools in Africa and encourage adoption of learning tools by students and teachers
  • Facilitate increased access to and wider usage of tools that have little or no barriers to entry
  • Partner with publishers, retailers, government agencies, funders, expert advisers in joined-up ways
  • Engage directly with examination boards to ensure maximum visibility and accessibility

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