Teachers remain central to all the learning taking place in the classroom

A Teacher Led and Directed Approach

A principle and focus of our teacher-centered approach is to establish a self-sustaining and stand alone toolkit that fully empowers the engaged and creative teacher with all the necessary resources required to be effective in the classroom.  

Training these teachers, as part of their continuous professional development, in the fundamentals, creation, publication and delivery of eLearning lessons are based on a robust and rigorous national curriculum.

Also critically important, the sharing of good teaching practices using social collaboration. As a consequence, it is envisaged that great teaching from inspired teachers will produce highly effective teaching material which can be used and reused in classrooms everywhere.




Teachers and Educators

Students and Parents

Policy Makers

Schools and Universities

Our Commitment

  • Work with schools in Africa and encourage adoption of learning tools by students and teachers
  • Facilitate increased access to and wider usage of tools that have little or no barriers to entry
  • Partner with publishers, retailers, government agencies, funders, expert advisers in joined-up ways
  • Engage directly with examination boards to ensure maximum visibility and accessibility

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