Supporting Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Education (UK School)

Supporting Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Students with Specialised Apps and Tablets

A school in North West London was looking for ways to enrich the learning experience of its Special Educational Needs and Disabilities students. A significant number of the students have autistic spectrum conditions (ASC) and the school aims to develop independence and resilience for these students in all aspects of their lives.

The application of multimedia tools and resources, especially through the use apps and tablets, has been a contributing factor in the following areas: social interaction skills, understanding of language, vocabulary development, expressive language, emotional well-being, motor skills, organisational skills and sensory integration.

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Afrelib continues to assist schools such as this with the following services:

Research, Review & Recommend

Working closely with the learning support experts in the school, we are able to gain an understanding of the individual needs of each student. With this we can provide an outside-in perspective curated from best practice organisations and current research. Existing apps and use cases can also be reviewed to keep them current and relevant to the schools changing needs. Any recommendations are subject to rigorous and robust reviews by the learning support experts.

Supply & Manage Devices

A complete device and apps bundle service is available to suit specific situations as appropriate on the Android, Windows or iOS platforms. Whether the schools is leasing the devices or purchasing them outright, the service covers maintenance, insurance and re-purposing. Re-purposing into the secondary market for pre-owned devices is now maturing into a steady revenue generating area for businesses and, especially, schools.

Monitor, Refresh & Evaluate

Especially for schools, a periodic review cycle is scheduled with the learning support team to ensure the apps and tablet are fit for purpose as individual student goals change over time.

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